Creativity Booster

A creativity booster offers the opportunity to improve your ability to create and innovate. We start by identifying your goals; do you want to grow your business, are you unsure how to stand out, do you want to write better, do you feel stuck and can't figure out how to move forward again? Whatever it is, we start there. We will then work on what might be stopping you and how to remove any obstacles allowing for a more expansive approach to decision making and life in general.

These sessions are collaborative and confidential. We develop a realistic plan to help you move forward and grow to achieve the results you are looking for. 


  • Greater self-acceptance & self-awareness
  • Increased vitality
  • The release of negative and self-defeating life patterns
  • Development of deeper, richer relationships
  • Improved ability to be creative
  • Increased likelihood of innovation
  • Improved life satisfaction

Online sessions are available by Skype. Please contact me at or phone 0474 819 235 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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