“My first impression of Sarah was her professional conduct.  I felt very comfortable with her and I felt respected.  She made me feel optimistic and left me feeling far more positive and confident to pursue jobs. She also took the time to look at my cv and gave me advice as to possible ways to improve it.  Having had a consult with Sarah, I have discovered attributes I would not have paid attention to, and have made those into additional strengths.”

Monica Corrotea, Job Seeker


“I really enjoy co-facilitating with Sarah.  She has the X-factor that all good facilitators have.  She understands that who she is ‘being’ while she is facilitating is just as important as what she is ‘doing’.  Sarah understands that the needs of the client are best met when we park our own desire to be right and work as a team to get the job done. Give her a try. You won’t be disappointed.  I dare you!”

Andrew Barton, The Zone 



"I loved this course. It was very comprehensive; each topic was thoroughly defined, explored & presented with ideas, options, or exercises for development/improvement. It was wonderfully organized; the modules & sections were orderly & structured and they followed an understandable progression."

Maria Arcara, Retailer - Natural Foods Industry