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Aristotle stated that happiness (being well and doing well) is the only thing that humans desire for its own sake, unlike riches, honour, health or friendship. He observed that people sought riches, or honour, or health not only for their own sake but also in order to be happy. 

The happy life is a good life, that is, a life in which a person fulfils their unique human nature in an excellent way. Or said another way, when a person identifies their unique purpose and acts out that purpose, they will be happy and flourish. Aristotle also argues that the next most important way of being is to live a life of moral virtue. 

On this site, you'll find advice, support, and great tools designed to help you build a successful and satisfying life. My philosophy encourages the building of a strong foundation and then, once that is established, planting the seeds for the growth of your talents and skills so you can live a powerful future. I also believe, along with Aristotle, that clear values and good morals are also important in the development of a flourishing life.  

I help people find their unique strengths, identify and follow their passion, or get centred in their careers so they can play it big from a place of authenticity. And because the people who come to me have the courage to make some major changes in their lives or to live life a little differently, I've found that I'm building a community of originals. Originals are unique individuals who can see how things could be different in the world, both bigger picture and for themselves as individuals, and so are working toward creating change. 

If you're an original and know you can make a difference in the world, then this site is for you. You can join this inspiring community by signing up for our monthly newsletter

And, if you're looking for some immediate inspiration, check out my book Simplify Your Life - Tips for developing a purpose driven life and unlocking your potential. No matter who you are or what stage of life you're at, it's worth a read to make sure you're getting the basics right. My second book is called Ready For A Career Change - Interviews with successful career transitioners, and 9 landmark questions to get you through a career change in one piece. This book aims to assist readers to determine whether a career change or the option of setting up their own business is the right choice for them. You can see some of the interviews from that book on my youtube channel

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General contact: For more information email me at sarah@sarahoflaherty.com or call me on +61 474 819 235. I can work with you wherever you are in the world by Skype. And locally, I'm based in Brisbane, Australia. 

Coaching contact: Coaches, counsellors, and others interested in re-using material, please be aware that use of material from this site requires copyright approval. Contact me at sarah@sarahoflaherty.com for samples, approvals, and coaching material packages.  


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