I have twenty years global experience in the fast-paced corporate world of advertising. During that time I worked for many big name agencies and consulted to a multitude of blue-chip clients. With a successful track record as a business leader, strategic thinker, and problem solver, I know what it feels like to be under unremitting pressure, where work days turn into nights, and weeks blur into weekends. It was this considerable work pressure, and my passion for people that led me to move into the arenas of psychology, counselling, and consulting.


Sarah O'Flaherty Mindfulness Meditation & More

I have combined the three main aspects of my background and skill set - creative thinking, psychological science, and spiritual practice - to help people get the most out of their lives. With twenty years experience of finding profitable solutions for corporations using creativity, I have been able to rework this knowledge and am now using creativity to help people find effective solutions to the challenges they face in daily life. In 2014 I began studying full-time to become a psychologist. The scientific study of people, mental processes and behaviour provided me with a rational research-based component to supporting people that I felt was essential to my practice. My strong belief in the importance of spirituality comes from many many years of meditation, and time in Asia where I sometimes stayed in monasteries for months at a time. That time in Asia developed my skills of meditation and mindfulness - ways to calm the mind, and body, and to be present in each moment.

I believe that living authentically and being true to oneself is the only way to live a life of energy and true wellness. I now have my own consulting business and have authored a book on balanced living called Simplify Your Life.


"I believe that each of us has our own path to follow. If we are walking this path, things flow, and we feel energised and happy."


I'm now totally enjoying taking mindfulness meditation classes, counselling for better living, and helping people to follow their passion through business consulting. I am living my dream life, and my aim is to help you to live yours. 

Sarah O'Flaherty

BSocSc(Psych)(Hons): Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) (Honours), USC (2016)

GDPsychSc: Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science, Australian College of Applied Psychology (2016)

BMS: Bachelor of Management Studies, Completed First Class Honours, Major - Strategic Management & Leadership, Waikato University (1994)

Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher Training (TTi), Mindfulness Based Pain Management (MBPM), Guided meditations and mindful movement, Sydney (2015)

Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health First Aid Australia, Sunshine Coast (2015)

ASIST Applied Suicide Intervention Skills, Lifeline, Sunshine Coast (2015)

Usui Shiki Ryoko Reiki - 1st and 2nd Degree Level, Sunshine Coast (2014/5)

Discovery Training, Saatchi & Saatchi/London School of Business, Bangkok (2012)

LEADR Accredited Mediator, Auckland (2010)

CEG: Core Essential Graduate, Coachu, Sydney (2010)

Essence of Facilitation & Art of Facilitation, Zenergy Global, Auckland (2005/6)


Reiki Australia

Australian Psychological Society



I love to write. For me it is a pleasure I can't go without. For a while I wrote and wrote, and it was all just for me. I had no particular purpose and no particular story to tell. And then finally one day I felt called to write a book knowing what I was going to write about. It was a strange feeling, it felt like something I had to do, like I really had no choice. From that moment, I wrote nearly every day until the book was complete. The content of the book is drawn from my own life experiences. Over the years I'd completed so much training, so many personal development courses, read so many self-help books, and yet I felt there was so much overlap, so much complexity that there must be a simpler solution for people. My book Simplify Your Life summarises my key learnings and is a simple quick read that covers all the key essentials of good living without taking up too much of your precious time. I'm very proud of the end result and have had a lot of wonderful feedback from readers. 


Simplify Your Life


Some reader comments:

“A great read and a book of discovery about self. I recommend it to anyone looking for a more fulfilling life of meaning.” Melly

"Don’t hesitate, jump on the Bliss train. My sincere thanks to Sarah for sharing her experience and wisdom." Peter Kelly

"I enjoyed your laid back, funny style! We just get too caught up in our fast paced lives to stop and do some deep personal reflection. The suggestions you make are a great place to start for anyone wanted to make some changes to simplify their lives." Mandy


You can purchase my first book through Amazon.  And I'm now in the process of writing my second - it's very exciting! 

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My other passion is traveling. While originally from New Zealand, I am lucky enough to have lived and worked all over the world. One of the main benefits of this nomadic lifestyle has been the opportunity to use traveling as a way to develop as a person. I'm a bit of an adventurer so I generally travel alone and try to avoid the typical tourist traps. 


Sarah O'Flaherty Myanmar Meditation

Meditating in Shwe Oo Min Monestary in Myanmar where I spent three months under the guidance of Sayadaw U Tejaniya.


Sarah O'Flaherty Skiing

Skiing in Telluride, Colorado, USA


Sarah O'Flaherty Travel Adventures Spain

Resting on the Camino de Santiago, Spain


 Sarah O'Flaherty Travel Adventures Thailand Tattoo

Receiving a blessing after getting a sak yant tattoo, Bangkok, Thailand



“My first impression of Sarah was her professional conduct.  I felt very comfortable with her and I felt respected.  She made me feel optimistic, and left me feeling far more positive and confident to pursue jobs. She also took the time to look at my cv and gave me advice as to possible ways to improve it.  Having had a consult with Sarah, I have discovered attributes I would not have paid attention to, and have made those into additional strengths.”

Monica Corrotea, Job Seeker

“I really enjoy co-facilitating with Sarah.  She has the x-factor that all good facilitators have.  She understands that who she is ‘being’ while she is facilitating is just as important as what she is ‘doing’.  Sarah understands that the needs of the client are best met when we park our own desire to be right and work as a team to get the job done.  Give her a try.  You won’t be disappointed.  I dare you!”

Andrew Barton, The Zone 



If you'd like to contact me, please do. You can call me on +61 474 819 235 or email me at sarah@sarahoflaherty.com.