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Learn new skills at your own pace

The benefits of continued learning are many and include: a sense of accomplishment and pride, possible shifts in perception as you see things from a different perspective, continued growth as a person, and the benefits that come from learning a new skill. 

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Anxiety and worry are a huge problem in the world today. It is estimated that the number of people living with anxiety disorders is 264 million. And that figure doesn't include those people who are sub-clinical.

This course aims to help you understand anxiety and teaches skills to help you to address it. In this course you'll discover:

• What are anxiety and worry?

• Why do anxiety symptoms seem to get worse so quickly?

• Early intervention and prevention strategies.

• Accepting anxiety vs pushing it away.

• How working with your thoughts can assist you in dealing with anxiety. 

There are answers. Discover how to manage anxiety and start feeling more calm and peaceful today.

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Procrastination is a very common problem, with over 70% of students reporting procrastination behaviours. Whether you're a student, run your own business, or work for an organisation there may be areas of your life where you procrastinate. Procrastination occurs for many reasons; it may be because of how we feel or because we have a fear of failure or a fear of success. 

Within this course you’ll discover:

  • What success is and what it means to you.

  • What procrastination is and how you are procrastinating.

  • Why we procrastinate.

  • Tools that will help you to beat procrastination.

There are answers. Discover how to beat procrastination and live a more successful life.

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This course covers what I check in on when seeing clients. The topics are the very basics of what's important for good mental health or building up to better mental health.

What's included in this course:

  • Healthy Eating - What's important for a healthy mind.

  • Good Sleep - Critical for physical and mental health.

  • Exercise - Immediate and long-term health benefits.

  • Social Support - Enhances the quality of life and provides a buffer for adverse events.

  • Fun/Play/Downtime - Benefits mood and relationships.

  • Bonus Lecture

    Make sure you have a sound foundation before developing other areas of your life.

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    Follow this straightforward process to discover a simpler and more satisfying life in less than a month.

    I get it! You're probably wishing that life was a little easier. Or, maybe you just wish you had more time? Or, it could be that you've been feeling stressed and overwhelmed lately.

    I developed this course from an integration of hundreds of books, a multitude of personal development training formats, and a twenty-year career motivating people. I was fed up with all the courses I'd attended that covered bits-and-pieces but didn't provide a solid foundation for my own personal transformation.

    I wanted you to be able to implement a simple, yet effective, process that would provide you with the essential skills you'd need for a happier life.

    Are you ready to:

    • Identify your values, strengths and passions for greater self-awareness and increased life-satisfaction. 

    • Develop strong healthy relationships so you can benefit from your interactions. 

    • Find your purpose or calling for a more meaningful life. 

    • Un-complicate your life with some essential tools such as mindfulness 

    • And much much more.

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    Feeling overwhelmed? Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you feeling a bit down? Could you be suffering from burnout? We all experience stress, but sometimes stress can leave us physically and emotionally drained. It can be difficult to regain a sense of balance in our lives.

    Within this course you’ll discover:

    • What stress is so that you can understand whether you’re affected. 

    • The difference between stress and burnout, so that you know which of these you’re dealing with. 

    • The many sources of stress, the key triggers, and how to halt stress in its tracks. 

    • Different coping strategies, so that you can see how your current coping strategies might be modified for better results

    • In the moment stress reduction strategies, so that you can lower your stress levels today. 

    • And much, much more!

    There are answers.

    Discover how to manage unhealthy stress and start feeling more calm and peaceful today.

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