Having A Bad Day At Work: Find Out What Causes Job Burnout

January 24, 2018

Having A Bad Day At Work: Find Out What Causes Job Burnout

Most of us have days when we're bored to death with what we have to do at work. when our co-workers or our boss seem like idiots, when our clients are rude and ungrateful, when we may be subject to workplace bullying, and when we feel like we just cannot do all the things requested of us. And, while we all have bad days at work when every day is a bad day we are most likely heading toward burnout. 

Most burnout has to do with the workplace.

Those most at risk seem to be those in the service profession and who spend the majority of their time attending to the needs of others, who are frequently interacting with others, and they are even more likely to be at risk if they are underpaid, unappreciated, or criticised for matters beyond their control. 

The following scenarios can lead to workplace burnout:

  • Setting unrealistic goals for yourself or having them imposed upon you by others.
  • Being expected to do too many things.
  • Working under rules that are unreasonably coercive or punitive. 
  • Doing work that requires you to violate your own personal values.
  • Boredom from doing work that is always the same or that never challenges you. 
  • Feeling trapped for economic reasons in a job that you don't enjoy or no longer wish to be in. 

It's important to notice the difference between workplace stress and workplace burnout. When you're stressed you care too much and when you're burned out, you don't see any hope of improvement. 


Read more on the different ways to cope with stress and can burnout be prevented or treated?

This is an excerpt from my new book Fresh Start: A Guide To Eliminating Unhealthy Stress. 

Professional counselling offers many life-enhancing benefits. Exploring your thoughts with an independent expert allows you to develop new possibilities. When we are busy, stressed or overwhelmed, it can be challenging to make good choices. I am happy to discuss your needs before starting the therapy process, just email or phone (contact details provided in the link through). 


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