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I love to write. For me, it's a pleasure I can't go without. For a while, I wrote and wrote, and it was all just for me. I had no special purpose and no particular story to tell. And then, finally one day, I felt compelled to write a book without knowing exactly what I was going to write about. From that moment on, I wrote nearly every day, just flowing with what came to me, until my first book, Simplify Your Life, was complete.

The content of my first book was drawn from my own life experiences. Over the years I'd completed so much training, so many personal development courses, read so many self-help books, and yet I felt there was so much overlap, so much complexity that I knew there must be a simpler solution. My book Simplify Your Life summarises my key learnings and is a quick easy read that covers the essentials of good living without taking up too much of your precious time. I'm very proud of the end result and have had a lot of wonderful feedback from readers. 

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“A great read and a book of discovery about self. I recommend it to anyone looking for a more fulfilling life of meaning.”


"Don’t hesitate, jump on the bliss train. My sincere thanks to Sarah for sharing her experience and wisdom."

Peter Kelly

"I enjoyed your laid back, funny style! We just get too caught up in our fast-paced lives to stop and do some deep personal reflection. The suggestions you make are a great place to start for anyone wanted to make some changes to simplify their lives."


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Another passion of mine is travelling. While originally from New Zealand, I'm lucky enough to have lived and worked all over the world. One of the main benefits of this nomadic lifestyle has been the opportunity to use travelling as a way to develop as a person. I'm a bit of an adventurer so I generally travel alone and try to avoid the typical tourist traps.

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From a young age, I loved reading, watching movies, and absorbing anything fantasy related. I thought the Greek myths were amazing, I'd read Irish fairy tales until late at night, and at 9 years old I immediately became a Star Wars fan when I saw the Empire Strikes Back at the movies. One of my favourite authors is Joseph Campbell, an avid mythology reader and teacher, and the creator of the Hero's Journey. The Hero's Journey is the basic template for all great stories and can be linked to our own lives in one way or another. My interest in this area has driven me to become passionate about storytelling, the importance of understanding one's own life journey, and an awareness that we are each the hero of our own life story. Of course, I'm still super-addicted to anything in that genre. I guarantee you, I'll never miss the latest Star Wars or Marvel movie.

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