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Hi there! I'm Sarah, and I'm a clinical psychologist and author. I'm a Kiwi (from New Zealand) and I live in Brisbane, Australia.

I like to do lots of different things, so my life these days is made up of seeing people for therapy, writing books, developing online courses, and running my business. 

I also develop online courses and have authored three books called Simplify Your Life, Ready for a Career Change and Fresh Start: A Guide To Eliminating Unhealthy Stress.

By making some changes, looking at life a little differently, and not doing what was expected, I've been able to build my dream life, and my hope is that I can help you to build yours. 

Sarah O'Flaherty

Author and Trainer

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“My first impression of Sarah was her professional conduct.  I felt very comfortable with her and I felt respected.  She made me feel optimistic and left me feeling far more positive and confident to pursue jobs. She also took the time to look at my cv and gave me advice as to possible ways to improve it.  Having had a consult with Sarah, I have discovered attributes I would not have paid attention to, and have made those into additional strengths.”

Monica Corrotea, Job Seeker

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